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We supply spare parts suitable for Beacon / Best & Crompton / Beacon Weir pumps & Spares.

Pumps & Spare parts are available for the following Beacon Pump models:

Uniglide SDC, SDA, SDB, SDD & SDCC Series
All Models Duoglide DQC, DQB, DRC Series
All Models 'L' Type series: 3L3, 4L3, 5L2, 5L3, 6L3 Etc.
Back Pullout: BCP, BWP, Isoglide, CNX series.Monoblock: DM Seriesill Industries, Etc.

Various Different models in Multi Stage & Vertical Pump

We can also offer full rotating assemblies for the above Beacon Pump models. Spares parts are available in various MOC as requested like CI, SS, Bronze etc.Beacon Pump Spare parts can also be manufactured as per client's sample or drawing. Please click on links of the left for more details. 

We can also supply spare parts suitable for the following brands:
  • Beacon Weir Pumps Spares - All Models
  • KSB Pumps Spares - MEGA Series
  • Mather Platt Pumps Spares
  • Other Reputed Brands Pumps Spares

Beacon/Beacon Weir

  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

  • Split Casing Pump

    Split Casing Pump

  • Back Pull Out Design

  • Slurry Pump

  • Back Pull Out Pump

    Back Pull Out Pump

  • Multi Stage Pump

  • Monoblock pump

    Monoblock pump

  • Mix Flow Pump

    Mix Flow Pump

  • ANSI Chemical Pumps

    ANSI Chemical Pumps

  • Chemical Process Pump

    Chemical Process Pump

  • Slurry Pumps(Pulp & Paper and Basic metal industries)

    Slurry Pumps (Pulp & Paper and Basic metal industries)

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