Pumps & Spares

Cross Sectional Drawing

Pump Spares

Pump Spares

We are marketing various types of the pumps and spares since last more than 30 years.
  1. Pumps & Spares are widely used in Various industries Like Steel Plants, Power Plants, Water Treatment & Effluent Plants, Food Industries , Sponge Iron Industries, Paper & Pulp Industries , Dyeing Industries, Sugar Industries, Chemical and Petro Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Heating - AC Plants HVAC Industries, Cement Industries, FMCG Industries, Oil Extraction & Waste Oil Industries, Oil Refineries, Sea Water Application, Coal & Mining Industries, Sewage Treatment Industries, Steam Boilers/ Thermic Fluid System Industries, Aluminum Industries, Fertilizer Units, Foundries & Rolling Mill Industries etc.
  2. Liquid Handle:
    All type of the liquid like Clear Water, Condensate Water, Pulp (Consistency Upto 1%), Oil & Acid slurry, Chemicals, Alkalis, Dyes, Corrosive Slurries, Waste Water, Sludge & Slurry & Sea Water.

Type Of Pumps:

  1. Horizontal Split Casing Pump. Axially Split With Single or Double Volute Casing.
  2. Horizontal Back Pull-Out Design Pumps with Close impeller & Semi-Open Impeller.
  3. Beacon Monoblock Pump / Kirloskar Monoblock Pump.
  4. Mix Flow Pump with Close impeller & Open Impeller with discharge branch arranged tangentially upwards/horizontal.
  5. Positive Displacement Rotary Gear Pump for Handling Oil & Viscous Liquids in C.I. & S.S. 316 Construction.
  6. Fuel Injection High Pressure Gear Pump.
  7. Poly-Propylene (PP) Pumps For Handling Acid Slurry.
  8. Non-Clog Self Priming Pumps for Muddy Water.
  9. Non-Clog Sewage & Sludge Application Pump.
  10. All Types of Pump Spares like Impeller, Impeller Ring, Wearing Ring, Shaft, Shaft Sleeve, Stuffing Box Bush, Mechanical Seal, Water Seal Cage, Gland Packing, Bearing Housing, Bearing Cover, Gland, Insert, Lantern Ring, Shoulder Ring, Inter Stage Ring etc in C.I. Bronze & S.S.

Material of Construction:

Authorized Dealer :
  1. Beacon / Beacon Weir / Best & Crompton Engg. Ltd. Pumps & Spares.
  2. Fluid Tech Systems – Rotofluid Make Positive Displacement Rotary Gear Pumps & Spares.
  3. Marck make Poly Propylene (P.P. Pump) Pumps & Spares.
Supplier & Deal In:
Kirloskar / Mather & Platt / KSB / Antico Pumps Spares.

Spare Parts

  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

  • Rotating-Element

    Rotating Element

  • Rotating Element-1

    Rotating Element-1

Pump Spares

  • bearing cartidge

    Bearing Cartidge

  • Bearing cover

    Bearing cover

  • Bearing Housing

    Bearing Housing

  • Coupling


  • coupling tyre

    Coupling Tyre

  • Flexible Coupling

    Flexible Coupling

  • Impeller-Nut-thumb

    Impeller Nut Thumb

  • pump-impeller-sand-casting

    Pump Impeller Sand Casting

  • Impeller 2

    Impeller 2

  • Impeller 3

    Impeller 3

  • Pump-Casing

    Pump Casing

  • Pump Casing-2

    Pump Casing-2

  • Pump-Casing-Ring

    Pump Casing Ring

  • Pump Gland

    Pump Gland

  • Pump Insert

    Pump Insert

  • Pump Mechanical Seals

    Pump Mechanical Seals

  • Pump Mechanical Seals-1

    Pump Mechanical Seals-1

  • Pump Shaft

    Pump Shaft

  • Pump Shaft Sleeve

    Pump Shaft Sleeve

Wearing Ring

Wearing Ring